While every community is different, many basic needs and issues are shared by nearly all boards and managers. Pennsylvania Association Consulting Systems was devised to provide packages of service for a monthly retainer that saves your community’s bottom line and makes budgeting for standard legal services a more predictable expense. With tiered plans and attractive pricing, Pennsylvania Association Consulting Systems is an ideal resource for your community’s legal requirements in this challenging economic climate. Our various plans include:

• Telephone & Email Access:  Consultation time for your President, Manager, or Board Members.
• Contract and Amendment Review:  More than review of documents, we tell you how to accomplish your community’s objectives with minimal exposure.
• Annual Check-Up:  A careful review of your minutes, financial audit, and reserve study each year will alert you to potential problems and direct you to legal solutions.
• Board Training:  Special reserved space at seminars and training sessions gives your Board the tools it needs to govern effectively.
• Board Meetings:  We attend your meeting to give hands-on advice and answers to the issues unique to our community.
• Transition Consulting:  Guides a new community from developer control to homeowner & Board governance.