Timely collection of assessments is critical to the successful operation of every association. With our long experience in association law, we understand the mind-set of delinquent homeowners and know that when it is time to pay the bills, assessments are often low on the priority list. Our goal at Barrow|Hoffman is to make assessment payments a priority and obtain quick, effective and measurable results while keeping you informed at all times.

We use cutting edge technology to track and process assessment collection cases effectively and to keep you informed. PACS – our Pennsylvania Association Collection Services – helps ensure consistent follow-up and timely reporting. PACS also helped us develop a successful alternative to the traditional hourly fee structure, with task-based fees that are predictable and affordable.

When traditional collection methods fail, we become more creative in collecting what is due to your association. We work with Boards to explain other collection options including utilizing foreclosures and receiverships. We strive to get your association all of the funds due from delinquent owners.