Insurance Defense Litigation for Community Association General Liability and Director and Officer Liability Claims.

Associations are complex entities and unfortunately they sometimes end up in court as a result of a lawsuit filed by a unit owner, contractor or some other person or party in claims brought against the association for a variety of reasons including personal injury, premises liability and director and officer liability claims such as breach of fiduciary duty and failure to follow and effectively enforce the governing documents.  Our skilled attorneys are experienced in defending such claims that are brought against associations and have a combined total of over twenty years experience focusing on the defense of associations.   We are familiar with carrier guidelines, budgets and reporting requirements and we understand that our job is to provide the best possible defense to the insured association and protect all of its interests.  Our insurer clients find our tremendous depth of knowledge of community and condominium association law combined with our experience in handling insurance defense litigation to be a great strategic asset when claims are brought against their insured associations.